What standard does the % Haze meet? ASTM D1003 or ISO 14782?


Question: Does the Vista comply to ISO 14782 Determination of Haze for transparent materials

There are three defined ways to measure Haze;

ISO 14782 Hazemeter with Compensation method Report %Haze D65/10

ASTM D1003 Procedure A: Hazementer method Report %Haze C/2 or A/2

ASTM D1003 Procedure B: Spectrophotometer method Report %Haze C/2 or A/2

ASTM D1003 Procedure B: Spectrophotometer method1 Report %Haze C/2 or A/2


HunterLab compensation method using the Haze port instead of a dedicated Compensation port to determine the intensity of light scattered by the instrument.

ISO 14782 is written such that only a dedicated Hazemeter with photo detection that occurs in a sphere that has three ports; Entrance, Exit, and Compensation meets this requirement. VISTA does not conform to this method, but a dedicated Hazemeter cannot provide colorimetric results such as XYZ or Lab. 

The VISTA does conform to ASTM D1003 Procedure B, and when we employ the HunterLab compensation we get very good correlation to the ISO method. ISO states that in their round robin testing between the ISO 14782 and ASTM D1003 method there was an average 8.9% difference in readings. HunterLab’s testing using our ASTM compliant VISTA with the HunterLab compensation method the differences were significantly less.



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