Will A2LA accept LabScanXE or ColorQuestXE calibrations


Question: Will A2LA accept LabScanXE or ColorQuestXE calibrations


The calibrated specimen supplied with our products is the instrument White standard. A2LA will want to see an unbroken chain of traceability that includes the uncertainty of measurement. HunterLab can provide for all instruments that were designed and introduced to market after 2003. For our ColorQuestXE and LabScanXE which were initially designed in the late 1990's prior to ISO introducing 17025 we can only provide an unbroken chain of traceability. We did not include uncertainties in the initial target calculations at that time since they were not required. Since they weren't recorded they can't be added to the actual assignment uncertainties for these instruments. Typically the A2LA auditor will accept the traceability chain and deviate from the requirement for the uncertainty component.

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