Measuring Liquid Turbidity (NTU) using Vista


NTU-10mm index is implemented into VISTA to measure liquid turbidity from 0-150 NTU. User can use 10mm large format flat cells or cuvettes (Macro, Semi-Micro, and Ultra-Micro) to measure turbidity samples. 

For user who would like to measure their samples in small volume, Ultra-Micro Cuvettes (Max Volume 850ul) can be used. 


Accessories' Information: 

HunterLab D02-1017-344 10mm Macro Open Cuvette Sample Holder

HunterLab D02-1017-390 10mm Semi-Micro Open Cuvette Sample Holder

HunterLab D02-1017-391 10mm Ultra-Micro Open Cuvette Sample Holder

HunterLab PN#13-8573-40 10mm Large Format Glass/Plastic Rectangular cell

HunterLab D02-1017-192 Multi-Function Base Plate


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