Pulp brightness ISO


Question: Can HunterLab measure Pulp Brightness ISO

Answer: Your customer is most likely referring to ISO 2470 which can be closely simulated using a USVis and 457 Brightness index. ISO and Tappi are sort of similar in their brightness concern for the 457nm region, Tappi requires a 45/0 and ISO requires a d/0 sensor, the USVis is d/8, . ISO also species 34mm/25mm Illuminated/Viewed and the USVis is 25mm/19mm Illuminated/Viewed This means that the USVis is very close to the specification requirements.

This performance of the USVis and its suitability for use can be determined by measuring two ISO standard whites. If the customer has a Technidyne they should have the ISO standard whites. You could demonstrate the USVis and measure the ISO Standard whites, then let the customer determine if the correlation is close enough for their use.

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