Vista is HunterLab's high-performing but affordable all-in-one transmission spectrophotometer. 

It provides many color indices for the measurement of transparent and semi-transparent samples in diverse markets and industries, like APHA, EP color, Turbidity, and Gardner. 

The most recent color indices that we implemented into Vista are LOVIBOND® RY and AOCS RY for color measurements of oils and fats.  They are derived from the standard methods (AOCS Cc 13e/BS 684-1.14, and AOCS Cc 13b) and based on the original work done by NIST in 1960s. 

The Red and Yellow values are reported together with cell path length and report path length.  To report 1'' or 5.25'' LOVIBOND®/AOCS RY values, user can measure their samples using 

any cell with path length as 10mm, 20mm, 24mm, 33mm, or 50mm.  The excellent accuracy provided by Vista permits even the use of the 10mm cell to measure very small LOVIBOND®/AOCS RY values.

Compared to current LOVIBOND® color system, Vista provides fast and accurate color measurement and strong inter-instrument agreement.

To know more about LOVIBOND®/ACOS RY scales in VISTA, follow these links:

 https://support.hunterlab.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001521686-LOVIBOND-RY-and-AOCS-RY (Login required)



 "LOVIBOND" is a registered trademark of the tintometer Ltd., UK.

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