Exporting Vista Measurements to Quality Control and Record Keeping Systems



As customers continue to strive towards improving quality, costs, and  traceability, many are utilizing  SPC (Statistical Process Control) software and plant wide data record keeping in their production facilities. Getting the color measurements into the data collection system is a key part of this initiative. HunterLab's Vista transmission spectrophotometer has built in data exporting that is flexible and easy to use for small, medium, or large customer facilities.


There are 3 ways to export data when using Vista in a stand-alone mode; directly to a PC, through a network connection, and through a USB flash drive.  The data can be exported automatically with each measurement through Ethernet, or manually by using the flash drive if no network or PC is available. Simply connect an Ethernet cable from Vista to either a PC or network hub, configure the network address, and set the option for auto export.


For manual data transfer, built in data management menus are used for moving data from Vista to a flash drive through the USB port that is conveniently located on the front of the instrument.


Detailed step-by-step instructions for Ethernet data transfer is available on the HunterLab Support Site: 




Detailed  information on exporting data using the USB flash Drive is also available on the HunterLab Support Site 



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