Calibration Stickers Due Date


Question: I just had my instrument serviced and the Calibration Sticker has the Date the service was completed. Our auditor says we need to have a sticker with the Date that the next calibration is due. Why don't your stickers have a due date?


HunterLab's typical Calibration sticker has the Month/Year that the calibration was performed. This is done because our instruments are used in many different industries with many different calibration schedules. For example the pharmaceutical industry typically uses a 6 months, other industries use two to five years. HunterLab recommends 15 month maximum which is what is shown on our Verification reports, but note that is a recommendation is not a requirement. ISO allows companies to specify their own calibration intervals and until a few years ago even NIST did not provide expiration dates on their calibration services.

HunterLab does have two types of Calibration Stickers, one with Date of Service and one with Date Due. We can provide a Date Due sticker if requested.

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