2017 HunterLab On-Site Service Options


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Preventive Maintenance (PM) & Calibration Verification (CV)
We provide a convenient & quality maintenance program at a fixed rate (travel & expenses included) during a scheduled period.
Our Field Technician will use a specialized software program that provides data from a spectral range of color tiles generating
report documentation.
• Prevention of downtime
• Extend instrument life and operational specifications
• Minimize potential contaminant issues impacting electronic functionality
• Increase confidence by verifying your instrument is in proper working condition
• Utilize report results to correct instrument issues prior to critical processes
• Satisfy your internal quality requirements and retain the detailed report that includes color

Technical Support (TS & TSOL)
Technical questions are answered for a one year term from the purchase date of the service.
Unlimited inquiries about system installation, software, or instrument operation.
• Email: support@hunterlab.com
• Fax: (703) 733-0825
• Phone: (703) 834-2206 (8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST Mon. - Fri.)
Benefit from our experienced and knowledgeable Technical Support representatives.


Contract Instrument Models Service Pricing
Preventive Maintenance (PM)
& Calibration Verification (CV)
ColorQuest XE, Color Quest XT, D25 LT, D25 NC, LabScan XE,
SpectraTrend HT, UltraScan PRO, UltraScan VIS
$2040 per instrument
Technical Support (TS) ColorQuest XE, Color Quest XT, D25 LT, D25 NC, LabScan XE,
SpectraTrend HT, UltraScan PRO, UltraScan VIS
$380 per instrument
Technical Support - On-line model SpectraTrend HT $985 per instrument


Month of Service State Due Date
January/February Louisiana, Florida December 21, 2016
February/March North Carolina, South Carolina January 20, 2017
April California (Southern) March 15, 2017
May California (Northern) March 15, 2017
June Tennessee, Arkansas May 15, 2017
July Oklahoma, Mississippi June 15, 2017
August Alabama, Georgia July 15, 2017
September Georgia July 15, 2017
October/November/December Texas September 15, 2017



Additional Information:
All instruments list on this request must be located at the same address. Please use additional request forms if multiple locations are requested for service. This agreement covers labor and travel expenses. There will be an additional charge for parts replaced during the PM service. We will make every effort to honor service being completed during the scheduled months below but cannot be responsible for unforeseeable scheduling delays.
Customer Instrument Preparation:
Instrument(s) to be services must be connected and turned on at least 24 hours prior to visit. Please provide ample workspace & AC outlet.
Warranty Information:
HunterLab provides a 60 day warranty for any parts replaced during the PM service except for lamps and fuses. After the 60 day warranty period, any additional work required will not be covered by this PM agreement. The warranty contained herein is the only warranty applicable to instruments and services sold by HunterLab pursuant to this agreement. All other warranties expressed or implied including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are specifically disclaimed. Under no circumstances shall HunterLab be liable for special, indirect or consequential damages.

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