How to remotely connect to EasyMatch QC software.


Users and Managers of HunterLab color measurement systems using EasyMatch QC software often want to review data or system status when they are not sitting in front of the system.


A couple typical examples are:

  1. A QA manager may want to review data from a current quality lab color study while sitting at her desk in a different room in the building, or
  2. That same manager may wish to look in on a study being conducted at a different a facility located away from her office.


There are a number of ways to answer this requirement depending on the specific connection configurations for the particular color system.


First, in order to access the HunterLab system running EasyMatch QC, the computer hosting the EasyMatch software needs to be connected to a network that can be accessed remotely, either inside or outside any network firewall. 


You must have rights to log into this computer as well.


Next the computer must be configured to be discoverable or accessible via Remote Connection.  Both of these parameters are configurable at the local PC or Domain administration level, depending on the security administration for that specific computer.  Company IT administrators can normally configure the computer to meet the necessary conditions.



Once the above conditions are met, the computer running EasyMatch QC software is now ready to be accessed remotely 

In order to connect to the computer running EasyMatch QC, you will need to know the name of the PC.  The name can be found by typing About in the Windows Search bar.

Once you have the computer name, launch Remote Desktop Connection by typing Remote Desktop Connection in the Windows Search bar or find the program by clicking the Start menu and searching in Applications.



Enter the name of the Computer running EasyMatch QC in the Computer field and hit Enter.  If authentication is required, enter your password. 


If you have entered valid credentials, Remote Desktop Connection will place the screen of the target computer on your local screen.  From there, you can launch or browse to EasyMatch QC and control they computer and the EasyMatch QC application as if you are sitting in front of that computer.

To connect to an EasyMatch QC computer that is located on a different domain, in addition to the name of the computer, you will need the full domain or URL for the targeted PC and will need to ensure that that domain is configured to allow remote connections.

In addition to Remote Desktop Connection, other software tools such as Go To My PC or Chrome Desktop that will allow users to remotely connect to a computer.

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