Is Haze influenced by Color


Question : Does the L*a*b* value influence the Haze reading, for example do darker colors (low L*) also have lower Haze than lighter colors ( high L*) or is this an over simplification.


%Haze is a physical attribute that is unrelated to the color of the specimen being measured. When light is collimated at 90 degrees through a transparent object it can either be transmitted through the object without changing angle, or it can scattered at angles other the incident angle. %Haze is equal to 100 times the quotient of the scattered light divided by the sum of the scattered light and incident transmitted light.

Imagine reading a newspaper through a pair of eyeglasses have nearly perfectly clear lenses. These lenses if measured would have an L* in the 92 to 95 range and a % haze value close to zero. Now consider if you had to read the paper by looking through a polyethylene sandwich bag. The sandwich bag probably has an L* close to 90 but with a %Haze in the 20% to 30 %Haze range or higher. Still clear enough to read but the type and photos would appear slightly fuzzy. Now put on a pair of dark green sunglasses. L* in the 30 range, %Haze close to zero. That type and photos would take on a green hue due to the lens color but would appear as sharp as when you were wearing the clear lenses.

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