Fluorescent standard for MSEZ or CFEZ


Question: Hello, Are there any fluorescent standards on the market. We noticed that there are a big differences in measuraments between instruments in the same geometry (45/0) for high visibility clothes. I need it for MSEZ.,

Answer : The UV content in the MSEZ and CFEZ is uncontrolled and varies from instrument to instrument. There is no method to control the UV content in these instruments. HunterLab offers several different methods of excluding the UV content from the measurement by offering a method to place either a 400nm or 420nm cut-off filter at the port so that UV light does not reach the sample being measured. If a customer needs to control the UV content in an appearance measurement with directional illumination for measuring samples that contain optical brighteners or fluorescent dyes the LabScanXE can be ordered with an optional Fluorescent Target that can be used to control the UV content of the illumination.

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