How to Install Remote Access Support (RAS) on your instrument?


1. Things needed for installation:

  • Ethernet Cable.
  • Essentials-based instrument.
  • Thumb drive.

Note: To start the installation, the instrument needs to be connected to a network and generate a static IP address.

2. Installation steps:

  • Download the Remote Access Support Host file from the following link: 
  • Save the file to a thumb drive. 
  • Plug the USB drive into your instrument.
  • On the Android system home screen, click on Essentials
  • Once in Essentials, click on Diagnostics > Printer Drivers > Browse.



  • Locate  "NetopHost_Android" file on your thumb drive, then click it.
  • A black window will appear asking to install the NetOp Host. Click Yes, then Install.
  • After the application is Installed click Open.


  • A superuser Request window will appear asking for the users' usage permission. Select Remember choice forever. Then tap on Allow.


  • Click on the first icon on the right-hand side of your screen, and then Enter the license Key sent in an e-mail by the Support Team. 

Note: If you didn't receive the license key, please contact our Support Team. 5.png

  • On the upper right side of your screen, click on Settings > Communication Profile



  • Make sure that Webconnect, TCP/IP(TCP), TCP/IP (UDP) are all ON.


  • Click on Webconnect and then change the URL, Account, Password, and Domain based on the information received by HunterLab Support Team.

 Note: If you didn't receive the Webconnect credentials, please contact our Support Team. 


  • Click on Settings > Guest Access Security.
  • Check the box Confirm Access. This feature is enabled so that each time our Support Team sends a request, message appears on your screen to “allow access.” 10.png
  • Restart Netop once you are done. Go to the menu in the upper right side, and click on Restart


  • If everything successful, a message showing “Webconnect 'hunterlabs' Online”. will appear on the Netop screen. Note: if the message does not appear, please contact our Support Team.





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