Steps to follow to by the Support team to provide remote support to customers for essentials based instruments


HunterLab Technical Support team provides remote support to their customers by connecting to the end user instrument and solving their issues. Technical Support agents need to adhere to the remote support policies to have a successful remote session.

When customers request a remote support session and they don’t have the Host tool installed on their instruments, the technical support agent needs to do the following:

  • Sends an e-mail that asks the customer to register their instrument on the registration form
  • Once the instrument is registered and verified, another e-mail is sent to the customer that contains the apk file and the installation guide for the Remote Access Support.
  • When the host tool is successfully installed, it is important to remind the customer of the following instructions before you start a remote session:    
  1. Connect the instrument to the ethernet.
  2. Make sure that the instrument generated an IP address.
  3. Restart RAS by following the instruction in the following link:
  4. Ensure that Netop displays the message “Webconnect ‘hunterlabs’ Online.”
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