Why to choose HunterLab Remote Access Support (RAS)?


Remote Access Support from HunterLab – Remote. Secure. Real-Time.


Today’s fast-paced laboratory and production environments demand robust support solutions that maximize your instruments uptime and performance while minimizing your technicians learning curves. HunterLab Remote Access Support is a secure remote support solution designed to do both. Whether you need help learning how to maximize your instruments features, or you have a specific technical concern that needs immediate attention, you just want to be sure that your instrument is performing as well as the day you received it, HunterLab Remote Access Support can help you achieve all of this and more. Remotely. Securely. In real-time.

Using a secure remote connection to your Hunterlab instrument, and state of the art technology already built into your instrument, HunterLab support specialists can directly communicate with you and your instrument to achieve great results. 

  • Advanced Communication: Achieving better results means having better communication. With the integrated chat feature, our experts can answer your support questions quickly while assisting you in performing specific instrument tasks in addition to demonstrating instrument features and functionality


  • Simulated Collaboration: Sometimes situations require more than a simple ‘how to’ demonstration. In these cases, the file transfer feature enables HunterLab Support to transfer files to your instrument. This can include updating software and firmware or receiving performance data for analysis. In addition, this simulated collaboration allows an immediate corrective action to be taken when possible. Specific support recommendations can be made to determine if there is a need for onsite service or if it is necessary to return the instrument to the factory for service and repair.


  • Detailed Report: During the support session, HunterLab Support can capture screenshots and videos of your instrument display in real-time, directly recording any steps that were demonstrated or performed, these can be provided them to you at your request so you will always have it as a reference for future use.


  • Enhanced Security: With encryption capabilities embedded into it and the multifactor authentication, customers get the best support without compromising their security. Our remote support gives you the ability to get your activities done while maintaining compliance.


  • Faster issue resolution: HunterLab Customers will be able to get real-time remote support, solving their firmware issues instantly without sending the instrument in for service. Customers will be able to get easy software updates, expert technical assistance and more.


  • Reduced Maintenance cost: HunterLab Remote Access helps you reduce the maintenance costs related to your device by providing free support for the first year of your purchase.

How does Remote Access support work?

  • The customer sends a support request on our website with the instruments serial number.
  • A HunterLab support agent receives the request and sends another request to connect to the instrument.
  • The customer accepts the request.
  • The Technical Support agent connects to the Android system, addresses the problem, and end the session.


To learn more, contact us at support@hunterlab.com or go to the https://www.hunterlab.com/ras-registration.html and register your instrument to receive a complimentary one-year subscription to HunterLab Remote Access Support.

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HunterLab Remote Access Support is available for all Essentials embedded software products

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