Why Do I Need to Register My Instrument?


All HunterLab Essentials based instrument are backed by a warranty or a service agreement.

To benefit from 1 YEAR of free Remote Access Support, all our customers are required to register their instrument in this link: https://www.hunterlab.com/ras-registration.html 

When you register your instrument, you will benefit from the following

Quicker and more efficient support: When you call in for tech support or service, we’ll know immediately what your serial number is, warranty information and other sometimes hard-to-find information. Reducing the time spent pinpointing your exact product and your warranty information gives us more time to do our best to resolve your problem.

Receive product support alerts: In case we recall one of our products or have a specific announcement for our customers, registered users have a better chance of learning of any issues and can quickly take advantage of the HunterLab offered solutions. Though we always try to reach to all of our customers regarding recalls, warranty changes, and other information, we are more likely to reach you if we know that you own a specific product that we are addressing. At HunterLab we value our customers time, which is why we will never flood your inbox with ads and junk e-mails.

Manufacturer and service warranty: Registering your product can help you get the most out of your warranty, especially if you use the product in another laboratory, or branch of your company. In addition, if something breaks or is recalled, the manufacturer already has all of your information and proof of purchase to send you a new product or fixes.


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