How to Restart the Remote Access Support (RAS)?


To receive remote support for your instrument, our HunterLab support agent will need to connect and access your instrument after receiving your permission. At this stage, the Remote Access Support (RAS) application installed on your instrument will need to be online. 


If RAS is not online, our support agent will not be able to provide the support needed for your instrument. If this is the case, you will need to Restart the application in order to get connected. 

Before you restart RAS, please ensure the following:

To restart Remote Access Support, please follow the instructions below:

1. In Essentials press the Workspace icon  and select Diagnostics. 

2. Press on the Advanced tab, and then press Restart Support. 


3. A screen from Remote Access Support should appear. Please tap on the upper right menu and press Restart.


The Remote Access support Application will restart itself.

Note: To ensure that your application has successfully restarted, make sure that you see the message Webconnect "hunterlabs" Online. 

If this message does not appear on the black screen please contact support at



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