What mode am I in and how do I change modes?


How do I know what mode my sensor is currently standardized in and how can I change modes?

The easiest way to tell what mode the instrument is using in the EasyMatch QC software is to locate the status bar in EasyMatch QC. The status bar is located at the very bottom of the software indicated in red in the picture below. This provides information about the sensor in the current mode, and when the standardization for that mode expires.


EZMQC Status Bar

Another way you can access mode information for your sensor is to go to Sensor/Set Modes (F7). From this window you can view all the modes that have been setup for the instrument on the left hand side under Mode Names. You can also add modes or remove modes by clicking on the Add Mode and Remove buttons on the right hand side of this window. When you have finished making all of the changes to your available modes, click OK to save these changes.

Set Mode Window

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