General Installation Questions for the SpectraTrend HT


1) Spare Parts List – Are there spare parts that are needed for these units and if so can you please provide a list? 

The sensor is a self-contained unit. There are no user serviceable parts inside. As of now there is no “spare parts Kit” for the support unit, as we do not have no history on part failure to know which parts may fail in time. There are some parts that we can quote a la carte if they wish to buy and store (parts that are field replaceable with nothing more than a screw driver). If they want such a list, then we can go through Simix and quote the parts as line items.

2) Initialization/Setup – Can you send me something that specifies your initialization/set up that you will offer to accompany purchase of the instruments?

Installation drawings are available and the customer is responsible for installing the units. There are 4 mounting holes, and the customer can design whatever support structure works best for them or buy the floor stand from HL. If they require Application Support, that can be quoted at the standard rate.

 3) Equipment Utility Usage – From a utilities standpoint – electrical, air, etc.

When buying the PFA shroud, clean air needs to be provided. We do not provide air filtration, that is up to the customer. For the support unit, 100-220 VAC @2 Amp is required. The sensor is powered by the support unit and runs on 24VDC.


4) Installation drawings can be downloaded from the file below.




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