How do I perform a “power on self test” with my LabScan XE?


FAQ: “How do I perform a “power on self test” with my LabScan XE?”

The power-on self-test allows the user to evaluate instrument performance.  This test evaluates the operation of various lights, motors, and switches in the LabScan XE.

To perform the test:

  • Orient the instrument to the port-up position with the sample port uncovered and install the largest 2 inch port plate.
  • Turn the instrument off using the power switch on the back of the instrument.
  • Press and hold the macro/read button while the instrument is turned back on and the Progress light comes on.
  • The diagnostic test will now begin for all installed options. These tests will proceed automatically without user input.
  • When all available tests have passed, the In Progress light will flash three times. If there were any errors during the tests, the In Progress light will flash 13 times very rapidly.
  • The sensor will then beep to indicate that all tests have been completed.

Lights (L-R): power on, small area view in use, UV completely excluded, and ‘In Progress’ followed by the macro/read button.

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