Where Can I find Whiteness Index WI E313-98 in EasyMatch QC Software?


FAQ: "Our company is a polyester fiber producer. We just recently started up the factory. And also we started to use our Hunterlab UltraScan Pro.

I have question about Whiteness Indices. While I was working for my previous company I used to use HunterLab LabScan XE where I measure whiteness index by selecting WI E313-98 in the configuration menu.

Unfortunately I could not find WI E313-98 in the configuration menu. I think there is a name change. Could you tell me where I can find Whiteness Index E313 in EasyMatch QC?"

In our legacy Universal software we identified Whiteness Index per ASTM E313 method as "WI E313-98" to differentiate it from the original 1973 WI E313 having a different whiteness formula and used prior to 1998.

It would have been helpful if the ASTM E12 Committee on Color and Appearance Measurement responsible for the method, had given the revised 98 WI E313 formula a new ASTM number.

As it has been 16 years since this change was made and most people are using the new WI E313-98 formula, we just call it "WI E313 XX/##" in EasyMatch QC with options for different illuminant/observer combinations for C/2 (historical), D65/2. C/10 and D65/10 (most popular) defined by the method.

You can access WI-E313 for display by putting your mouse over the Color Data Table/Right Click/Properties and making a WI E313 selection under "Indices".

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