Description of the EasyMatch QC USB Hardware Key


The EZMQC hardware key effectively is your license to use and operate our EasyMatch QC software with all HunterLab sensors. EZMQC will check for this key when opening EasyMatch QC and periodically while making measurements within the software.


EasyMatch QC+ER hardware key will have a “HunterLab” label on it to distinguish it from a regular USB flash drive. It can be any color but is typically purple or black.

It is rare to have any operational issues with this USB hardware key but here are three issues that could affect operation of the key.

Make sure that the USB port is "open" such that a USB drive can be read. Sometimes the port can be closed or restricted. Please check with your IT department to verify that the port is open and available for your use.

The next  issue that could affect your key is whether the hardware driver is installed. To check this, go to Start/Control Panel/Programs and you should see the Sentinel Protection Installer by SafeNet as an installed program in the program list. This driver is installed during EasyMatch QC installation.


If it is not there, you can go directly to the SafeNet web site and download/install the latest Sentinel SuperPro driver, link below.

If you have the driver installed and are still unable to get into the software there is always the remote possibility that the hardware key has been become corrupted. Please visit and submit a request for replacement.

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