Averaging for different Product Standard types in MSEZ/CFEZ Setups


FAQ: "When having selected “Average” (example to 3) in a setup, does this apply to the physical/working standard as well?"

For the MSEZ/CFEZ, when a Physical Standard read in the Product Setup mode, it does not take the number of readings defined for the Sample in the Average module. Instead the cumulative average is displayed as you make multiple readings of a Physical Standard.

For example, if you take 3 readings of the Physical product standard to set the target values, the Physical Standard displayed after the 3rd reading is the average of the 3 readings.

When you read Samples in the Measurement mode, it averages the number of readings defined in the setup for Averaging.

For the Working Standard set in the measurement mode, the operator is prompted for the number readings defined in the Average module in the setup, same as for the Sample.

For Manual and Hitch standard types, no averaging is performed.

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