What are AutoSave Job and Auto Log Off features in EasyMatch QC+ER?


FAQ: "I had our computer guy install the update that you sent me a while back and I have noticed that when I walk away for a while, the software closes/shuts down/stops. However, it seems to be autosaving the data. After I open the EasyMatch software and click on the file tab, the file is at the bottom of the tab saved with a time/date stamp and jsd extension. Is there a setting that I need to adjust so that this doesn’t happen. Or is this some type of “screen saver” set-up in the software?"

EasyMatch QC is working as expected.

As of EasyMatch QC+ER version 4.82 (Help/About), if you go to Options/System Configuration/Data Storage, there are two checked items that are prompting the behavior you are seeing.


When "AutoSave Job" is checked, the user is prompted for a Job name to save to when the first measurement (Standard or Sample) is taken. From that point on, the Job is "AutoSaved" every tie a new Standard or Sample measurement is taken. This prevents any loss of measurement data by the computer accidentally being shut down.

Some of our customers also asked for a security feature that would minimize the potential that measurements could be taken by Person 2 when Person 1 was using the software. The intention of this feature was that any User will be automatically logged-off from EZMQC or EZMQC-ER after a fixed time.

Auto Logoff is configurable in intervals of 5 min up to 30 minutes (default setting) of no activity allowing any other User to log in.

In EasyMatch QC, Auto Logoff is disabled as the default setting but you can disable this feature at Options/System Configuration/Data Storage by checking the box and setting your preferred logoff time interval.

In EasyMatch QC-ER (electronic records) which supports CFR Part 11, all members of the QCERAdmins and QCERUsers groups must log in. Both AutoSave Job and Auto Logoff are mandatory (check boxes are greyed out) to support data record security.

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