Clean Uninstall and Reinstall of EZMQC


From your description of the issues you are experiencing I would recommend completely removing EZMQC from the computer and reinstalling a slightly updated version that I will provide you with. Please follow my instructions below.

First back up all of your user created/modified files, these are your Jobs and the Database. These files should be located at C:\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC I would recommend making a copy of the HunterLab folder located on the C drive and pasting it to a USB thumb drive for backup. We will be preforming a completely fresh install of the sw so it is imperative that these files are properly backed up so that we can load them back in. If you have any questions about this step please make sure to consult your IT department or myself. Once you have the files in a secured location just open them up to make sure that you have your Jobs folder located within it, as this is where the samples are stored in their Jobs and the database.

Once you are completely certain that you have the files you need secure please follow the directions in the link below for completely removing the software.

How to perform a clean uninstall of EasyMatch QC -

Once you have removed everything restart the computer.

Prior to installing the software please work with your IT department to ensure that whoever is installing the software is a full administrator on the computer and has full privileges. I have provided the links to a few notes below that detail what is needed for a successful installation of the software.

Please make sure to restart the computer when prompted during instillation as this is an important step.

When the computer has finished restarting open the EZMQC software to ensure that you are able to successfully open it, install your instrument, and standardize. Once you have verified this we can add your user files back in.

First make sure that you have closed the software. Then go to the files saved on your USB thumb drive (or whatever secure location you used) and find the Jobs folder, copy this folder. Then navigate to C:\HunterLab\EasyMatchQC select and right click on the Jobs folder and paste. You will be prompted to overwrite existing files, indicate that yes you would like to overwrite. Please perform this step for the Job Templates folder as well. These should be all of your user created/modified files. You can test them by opening the EZMQC software and opening them here.

Please let me know if you run into any issues.

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