Where is the EasyMatch QC+ER software license number?


FAQ: "Where can the product license number be found for EasyMatch QC? I searched and couldn’t find anything in EasyMatch or associated with the sentinel key. I need it for documentation."

HunterLab will probably move to a "soft" key license in the future with individual license numbers assigned to each customer but at the moment, we ship all EasyMatch QC software with a hardware key.

The hardware key at a USB port on operational computer is required to operate either EasyMatch QC or EasyMatch QC-ER software. Effectively this hardware key is the license to operate our software. You cannot operate EasyMatch QC+ ER unless you have a working USB hardware key recognized at a USB port on the computer.

The EULA conditions for use of EasyMatch QC+ER are found in a user-printable file at the EULA prompt during software installation, or found here.

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