Do you have a Source for the Citrus OJ tubes?


FAQ: "Do you have an external source / part# for vials with cap that fits into the CFEZ Citrus holder?"

The Citrus Sample Tubes are a molded glass cylinder and mass-produced for another purpose which is the main reason why they are also reasonably priced. HunterLab refers clients directly to the source for these consumables.

The tube is placed in a special D02-1011-127 OJ Tube Holder and D02-1010-459 Sample Clamp/Port Forward Stand on the ColorFlex Citrus for color measurement of orange juice through the middle for the tube.


The containers used to measure OJ Color Scores on the ColorFlex EZ Citrus are borosilicate glass tubes (25-mm O.D. x 200-mm L) with a black phenolic screw cap. These tubes have a 70 ml fill capacity to the top of the tube but 50 ml sample volume should be sufficient for the citrus. They are manufactured by: 

Kimble Chase Glass

Vineland, NJ 08362 USA

+ 865-717-2600

Kimax # 45066A-25200


These tubes can be obtained from Kimble Chase (see web site for world locations), or from the following two suppliers:

Daigger Scientific

Vernon Hills, IL USA 60061


Order EF23607H


Fisher Scientific

Pittsburgh, PA  15275 USA 15275


Order 14-930-10L


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