How can I upgrade EasyMatch QC software on an existing computer?



  1. For either a network or local PC installation, the person installing EasyMatch QC software must be a System Administrator for the PC, with software installation privileges for that computer.
  2. An EZMQC upgrade should have no effect on previous User-created and/or modified files such as Jobs, Job templates or Reports. Before beginning, back up all user files and sub-folders at c:\HunterLab\EasyMatch QC for versions > 4.20 or c:\HunterLab\Program Files\EasyMatch QC for versions < 4.20. To determine your installed version of EasyMatch QC, go to Help/About in the software.
  3. Remove the old EasyMatch QC version using the Control Panel. Go to Start/Control Panel/Programs and remove “EasyMatch QC” from the list of installed programs.
  4. To install the new upgrade, go to the installation CD and activate the EasyMatch QC Menu program to install EasyMatch QC. Follow the steps to completion.
  5. The HunterLab SuperPro license key or dongle will also need to be removed from its USB port on the PC during the installation and returned after the new upgrade is installed.
  6. The installation is completed when you see the “EasyMatch QC has been successfully installed” message.
  7. EasyMatch QC should start-up with the sensor installed. No user-created and/or modified files such as Jobs or Sensor information should be affected (you have a backup in case). Your hardware key will still work correctly after the upgrade and must be in place at a USB port to successfully start-up your new EasyMatch QC upgrade.
  8. You have performed a successful installation of this EasyMatch QC upgrade if you can standardize the instrument using your new EZMQC version.

If you have any installation difficulties, search our FAQs on EZMQC installation, or contact HunterLab at

FAQ: "I read the instructions on software update. So although I should back up all files under C:\Hunter LAB\EasyMatch QC, the new version should import all the jobs and users, correct?"

Backing up your User files is not required for the upgrade, it's just a good safety practice. All User created and/or modified files are stored at  C:\Hunter LAB\EasyMatch QC and sub-folders. There are only a few files such as diagnostics jobs that are copied over in the upgrade (all your product files are uniquely named and will not be affected). During the upgrade, if a file is found with the same name as and existing file, it will not replace it. So, the back up is for safety; the upgrade should not interfere with your existing files like Jobs, Job Templates etc. and will instead use them when you start up the upgrade. You do not need to copy back your safety backup files.

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