Recommended LOVIBOND® Cell Pathlengths


We have two path length options for LOVIBOND ® Red and Yellow - the 24 mm vial as many edible oils need to be heated and 50 mm, closest to the long path length used by Tintometer for this application and easy to fill. 

Correlations for 10 mm and 20 mm path lengths are also common but are currently not available in EasyMatch QC (EZMQC) or VISTA Essentials.


Available LOVIBOND®  Metrics

LOVIBOND® scales are available starting with EZMQC ver 4.82 and VISTA Essentials and have the following 6 metrics added to Indices in the Color Data View for use selection:

- LovR-24mm [D65/10]

- LovY-24mm [D65/10] = 0

- RYFit-24mm [D65/10]


- LovR-50mm [D65/10],

- LovY-50mm [D65/10] = 0

- RYFit-50mm [D65/10]


Description of Metrics

There is no industrial method that defines the LOVIBOND® Color Scale. We have based our correlation for each cell path length using AOCS Cc 13b-45 liquid standards that Tintometer sells with calibrated values. 

LOVIBOND® Yellow was set to 0.1 increments in the LUT and the corresponding LOVIBOND® Red, L*, a*, b* D65/10 values determined by uniform linear increment between adjacent reference standards.

A standard or sample oil is read by the user, and the L*, a*, b* D65/10 value calculated. 

A minimal dE2000 D65/10 value is used to determine the nearest L*, a*, b* D65/10) point in the LUT. 

The corresponding LOVIBOND® Red (LovR-XXmm [D65/10]) and LOVIBOND® Yellow (LovY-XXmm [D65/10]) values are reported to 0.1 and 1.0 units respectively.

 In addition, there is a 3rd metric called RYFit-XXmm [D65/10] = minimal dE2000 D65/10 value that gives the user an estimate of how close visually his product color is to the reported LovR-XXmm [D65/10]) and LovY-XXmm [D65/10]) vial.


Typical User Measurement Method for Edible Oils 

The Color Data View will be configured for CIE L*, a*, b* D65/10 (full color descriptor), LovR-XXmm [D65/10], LovY-XXmm [D65/10] (for edible oil color reporting) and RYFit-XXmm [D65/10] (optional).

The user will standardize TTRAN LAV UVF Nominal mode using a cell of one of the 2 path lengths + DI water.

As an optional PQ Performance Qualification step after standardization, the user may read back the DI water as a sample, expecting LovR-XXmm [D65/10] = 0.0, LovY-XXmm [D65/10] = 0 and RYFit-XXmm [D65/10] = 0.00. 

As a second optional PQ Performance Qualification step, the user may read back a purchased AOCS Cc 13b-45 liquid reference standard as a sample, expecting the LovR-XXmm [D65/10] and LovY-XXmm [D65/10] values to match the assigned  LOVIBOND®  Red and Yellow values closely, and RYFit-XXmm [D65/10] = 0 closely.

The user will then proceed to measure typical edible oil products and report LovR-XXmm [D65/10] and LovY-XXmm [D65/10] values indicative of product color quality.

“LOVIBOND”  is a registered trademark of The Tintometer Ltd, UK.



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