Can the light trap be easily replaced on HunterLab sphere instruments?


FAQ: “We just discovered that one of our light traps has a cracked mirror-the mirror that directs the light into the trap.

I note that the light traps have the instrument serial number on it. If we had a spare light trap, would it be transferrable to use on another instrument, or does using a different light trap

I know the instrument white tiles are individually calibrated and assigned to the instrument by serial number. Is the light trap individually calibrated to the instrument as well?”

Unlike white tiles, bottom-of-scale standards such as the light trap for diffuse d/8 sphere instruments or the black glass used on directional 45/0 instruments are not individually calibrated. HunterLab does label them with the instrument serial number to keep them together with the instrument.

If you have one, you can use a spare light trap from another HunterLab instrument.

If you want to sticker over the other serial number when you transfer it, this will avoid confusion.

The light trap that HunterLab uses is a classic design. Even although the mirror is cracked and doesn't look good, it may not make a difference it its ability to set bottom-of-scale.

If you replace the light trap with another, run the Green Tile test to verify that you are still reading that middle-of-scale diagnostic standard before and after the swap.

FAQ: “Thanks for the reply! We checked the Green Tile with no difference between the racked and new light trap but I wanted to check.”

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