Can we use a Netbook computer with EasyMatch QC software?


FAQ: “Do you see any reason that a customer could not use a Netbook computer which has 2 USB ports and no CD/DVD drive? We would move the files from our EZMQC CD to a flash drive to install the system software.”

HunterLab has not formally tested a Netbook installation but the answer is a qualified “yes” if the Netbook meets our minimum computer requirements for EZMQC.

The contents of the EZMQC CD can be copied to a large flash drive (or use a portable USB CD), and the installation of EZMQC run from the flash disk. The Netbook flash drive on the Netbook must be large enough (at least 300 MB and preferably larger) and the operating system must be Microsoft WIN 7 or WIN 8.

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