How often should we run the full set of D25LT diagnostic tests?


FAQ: "We have two D25LTs and currently we perform the following tests as described in the user manual."

· Standardization every 8 hours

· Color Check and Short Term Stability every month

· Lamp Check quarterly

· Long Term drift and signal level annually

Is there a more significant test that we could do that would indicate we need to run the entire diagnostic panel? Since we never see issues with color, stability, long term drift and signal level are we checking them unnecessarily? Instead, would a failure to standardize indicate we should run the diagnostic tests?

The manual says the diagnostic tests should be conducted ‘as needed.’"

The fact that you have not seen any issues with color, stability, long term drift and signal level does not mean that running the full set of D25LT diagnostic tests is unnecessary. It just means that your D25LTs have been very stable and working correctly.

The question of how often to run the D25LT diagnostics really comes down to when do you want to know when the D25LT was not working correctly? This is what "as needed" means.

I personally think running the full set of D25LT diagnostics once a month is a good interval. I would probably not run them less than once every two months.

If you get a "failure to standardize" message when running the instrument standardization, it means something is badly wrong with the lamp (such as having a blown lamp). As long as the lamp is in some kind of normal range, the instrument should standardize without error. It should not be used as a basis for running the full D25LT diagnostics tests.


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