D25-LT Touch Screen Issues


If you are having trouble with your D25-LT screen we first recommend following the instructions in your user's manual for calibrating the touch screen. If you have followed the instructions in the manual for both touch screen calibration types please use the instructions below to check video connections.

Video issues can be caused by either loose or poorly seated cables or by problems with the video screens themselves.  Please try the following.  There are three non-locking connectors that carry the video signal from the Computer to the screen.  The easiest to locate is the connector to the screen itself.  First remove the screen, then remove and replace the connector, if the image improves stop. 

If the image does not improve then you will need to use the supplied Allen wrenches to remove the back cover of the sensor.  Begin by powering off the sensor and removing all cords connected to the back.  Then remove the 6 Allen head bolts, they are different lengths for note their location when removing them.  When the cover is removed plug in the sensor and power it back on.  The look at the image below.  Remove and replace the connector circled in red. Have someone viewing the screen to see if the image improves.  If so stop.

If the image does not improve then check the connector at the opposite end of this cable, which terminates on the board located behind the computer board.  See picture below.  Remove and reseat the connector.  If this does not solve the problem then it is suggested that the sensor is returned to HunterLab for service.

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