Getting to Know the D25 NC – The Major Subsystems

  • Turntable
    • Complete rotation every 5 seconds (12 rpm)
    • Automatic Start/Stop rotation for each scan, with motion disable switch for stationary measurements
    • Sealed transport mechanism
    • Hand disassembly for easy cleanup of spills
    • Direct drive motor for samples weighing up to 20 lbs
    • USB port for connection to a Printer, Barcode Scanner. Compatible with EasyMatch QC 4.8 and above on Windows based PC
    • A/C power switch with detachable International Power cord (IEEC)
    • Hardened powder-coated aluminum chassis for stability and durability


  • Adjustable Support Arms
    • Height Adjustment to accommodate samples from 2.5 to 5.5 inches from the sensor window
    • Width Adjustment for a range of sample dish sizes from 2” to 12 “
    • Ribbed aluminum frame with adjustable stops
    • Available with optional Fixed Mount


  • Sample Dishes
    • Includes 6 & 12 inch sample dish
    • Can be nested to use maximum scan area with minimal sample
    • Heavy Gauge Aluminum for durable use and easy cleaning


  • Sensor
    • Sealed aluminum case
    • Sealed Optics to protect sensor in dusty environments
    • Laser Distance Sensor - Product Height or Distance from Sensor data to ensure correct sample presentation
    • LED Light source is bright and reliable (5 yr warranty)
    • 250 Stored Standards with Password Protection
    • Datalog holds previous 1000 color data measurements for onscreen review or digital download
    • Keypad and display for standardization, color measurements, and system diagnostics
    • Powerful color Calculator for a variety of color scales, indices, and illuminants


  • Utility Software
    • Retrieve sample measurement datalog
    • Backup storage and retrieval of Product Standards
    • Product Standards editing capability
  • Compatible with EasyMatch QC 4.8 and above


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