Installing Instrument in EZMQC Software


To install the instrument in the software go to Sensor/ Install/Configure in the software. When the Sensor Manager window opens click on the Add Sensor button on the right hand side of the page. When the Sensor Setup window opens select your instrument from the drop down list under Sensor Type. Leave the box checked under Sensor ID Use Sensor's Serial number. Then select the COM port that you are using to connect the instrument to the computer. If you are using the larger gray serial cable it will most likely be COM 1, if you are using any USB cable or converter cable it will most likely be the highest COM port available. If you are having trouble with this please see your IT department to verify COM ports.

Click on the Next button to initiate communication with the instrument. You will next be prompted to setup a mode. Please select the parameters that match your measurement method and click Next to be walked through standardization. When standardization is complete click the Finish buttons to return to the main screen. You will see a message prompting you to restart the software for your settings to take effect, please close and reopen the software at this time.

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