Password protection of operational settings in EasyMatch QC


FAQ: “I am writing to ask if there is a way to password protect the operating settings on the Hunter EasyMatch QC so that operators would not be able to access them and change them by mistake. If so, please let me know.”

You can do this by activating the login feature in EasyMatch QC, then creating Groups and Users with appropriate privileges in Options/System Configuration/User Manager.

You can define one or more groups and for each group assign users and define the software features within EasyMatch QC that each group can access. It’s very easy to do and similar to standard Windows protocol for enabling network or local PC logins.

The details of how to do this are fully described in Options/System Configuration/User Manager section of your manual, available on your software CD or at the web site.

To activate the login feature, start EasyMatch QC and go to Options/Application Preferences/Startup Defaults. Check the box for ""Login Required" which will turn on the feature.

Close EasyMatch QC and re-enter. You will now be prompted to login.

As described in the EasyMatch QC User's Reference Manual, the default EZMQC login and password with full admin privileges to operate all features within EZMQC are:

User Name:      admin (not case sensitive)

Password:         hunterlab (all small letters, case sensitive)

This default login and password can be removed or changed later by the user.

In Options/System Configuration/User Manager, one or more groups can be created. All EasyMatch QC menu items (File, Edit, View…) are listed for each group and can be checked (active) or unchecked (disallowed, grayed out) for each group.

There is a default group called “Admins” with one default user “Admin” with access to all EasyMatch QC software features. You can create other admins with unique logins and passwords and add them to the “Admins” group, and they will also have access to all EasyMatch QC privileges in the File menu items

As an option, you can create a second group, called say, “Team Leaders” with access to all privileges with the exception of a couple of features.

As an option you can create a third group, called say, “Operators” with privileges strictly limited to a few operational features such as standardization, making measurements and saving data records.

You can have as many groups as you want and assign custom privileges for each group.

If a group is not granted privilege to an EZMQC file menu item, the item is grayed out and inaccessible to members of that group.

The logins can be individual with unique passwords, or just one that is generic for that group with or without an assigned password. The group privileges within EasyMatch QC apply to all users, individual or generic, assigned to that group.

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