D25LT 100273 Error White Tile not recognized


After getting a White Tile not recognized error when standardizing I check my siganal levels and they were on the white tile, my values are:

Xa – 29413 

Xb – 9771

Y – 26518

Z - 22611

Values are half of what would be considered normal, this can occur to dim lamp, dirty optics, incorrect lamp setting, dirty window at view port. Error is occurring because Xb is below 10,000 counts which is the factory set Minimum White counts allowed.

You have two options at this point. Either lower the Min White value or return the sensor for service. Consider that the original signal levels where in the 45K range for Xa,Y,Z and 20K for Xb, the sensor performs best at counts near this range. You could

Go to Maintenance | White tile and change Min White to 9500 this will let you standardize and use the instrument , but we would recommend when you have time that you contact service@hunterlab.com and schedule a Certificate of Calibration for this sensor. As part of this service we will get the signal levels back up to the normal range.

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