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If you are attempting to run EasyMatch QC with an UltraScan PRO or UltraScan VIS and are using a USB cable to connect the instrument to your computer, you must install a special driver that allows USB communication with the instrument. If you do not install this driver or it is not installed properly, you may receive an error message from the software when it attempts to talk with the sensor. The typical
error message is as follows:

Connection error
Did not receive a status message from the sensor.
Possible reasons and actions to correct them:
Sensor missing: Connect the sensor.
Sensor power off: Turn on the sensor.
Cable loose: Re-connect the cable.
Different sensor type connected: Connect proper sensor.

The following steps establish whether or not the required USB driver is properly installed.

1. Log into Windows using an account that has Administrator privileges.
2. Open the Device Manager in the Windows Control Panel.
3. Expand the branch called “Ports (COM & LPT).”
4. Look for an icon labeled “USB Serial Port” with a COM port number in parentheses after it. If the icon is not present, perform the steps under “Installing the USB Driver” later in this document. If the icon is present, but shows a yellow warning symbol, right-click on the icon.
5. Choose Properties from the menu that appears. A typical message given at this point is “This device is not working properly.”
6. Click the Driver tab.
7. Click Update Driver.
8. Insert your EasyMatch QC installation CD into your CD drive and allow it a moment to activate.
9. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Install Driver Wizard. Windows should automatically locate the needed driver on the CD and prompt you to click Finish10.

10. Before exiting the Device Manager, return to the “Ports (COM & LPT)” branch and locate the installed “USB Serial Port.” Note the COM port number now assigned to the USB port.
11. Exit Control Panel and open EasyMatch QC.
12. Configure your sensor, indicating the COM port noted at Step 10 as the location for the instrument.

Installing the USB Driver

1. Boot your computer to Windows and log in using an account that has administrator rights. If EasyMatch QC is running, close the software.
2. Insert your EasyMatch QC installation CD. When the installation menu appears, click Exit.
3. Connect the USB cable to the UltraScan PRO/VIS and then to the computer. It does not matter if the instrument is turned on or off.
4. After a brief pause, the Found New Hardware Wizard should appear.

5. Click the radio button for “No, not this time,” then click Next.

(See attached pdf file for the complete article with illustrations)

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