Broken seals on the MiniScan EZ


FAQ: "Here is my question, there is two stickers saying "Calibration void if seal is broken" near the lens of the MiniScan EZ and one of the stickers is broken. Do we have something special to do when this happen?"

The seals or stickers have been placed on the MiniScan to discourage our customers from opening up the MSEZ with the intent of fixing something themselves (It's rare, but it happens...).

Given the small size of the MiniScan sensor, poking around in the electronics with a screw driver would likely damage one of the optical components, putting the calibration in jeopardy.

The stickers are paper and can rip in normal operation. It would not be unusual to have one seal broken in normal lab operations, and just breaking the seals does no harm.

If the instrument was returned for Service, particularly in the warranty period, with both stickers broken, it would be a warning to our service technicians to look for additional signs of unexpected changes inside. If there are no additional internal signs, no problem.

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