Use of EasyMatch QC for Beer's Law Measurements of Concentration


FAQ: ''Do we have software that allows us to build calibration curves following Beer's Law and use the spectrometer capabilities of an UltraScan VIS?"

EZMQC software allows display of transmittance/absorbance data in transmission modes, or reflectance/optical density in reflection modes such that you could measure a concentration ladder for a given product and see the display of spectral plot and corresponding spectral data.

Unfortunately EasyMatch QC does not allow the user to implement a custom formula or LUT to a spectral data type such as absorbance to report a specific concentration for their product. If the customer would like to do this, the best workaround would be to measure the spectral concentration ladder in EasyMatch QC using the UltraScan VIS, then create an LUT or formula beside the instrument relating absorbance at a specific wavelength point to concentration expressed in concentration units the customer is most familiar with.

Typically customers find this LUT workaround meets their needs.

If the customer is willing to use alternate metrics such as Color Value (per enclosure) in the Color Data View (similar but different from absorbance) to indicate concentration, they could implement a Custom Formula Field to report the concentration of their product.

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