Distance FAQs on the Spectra-Trend HT and D25 NC


FAQ: “When conducting a diagnostic on the distance sensor, what are we looking for? If we’ve already set the distance between the sample and the sensor, why do we need to check it regularly?”

To work with the distance sensor, put your sample in the dish in the same way that you normally measure. As described in the manual, go to Diagnostics/Sensor Settings/Diagnostics/Distance Sensor to set the distance sensor. Manually adjust the height of the sensor head on the column until the product height displayed is 90 mm to the top of your sample in the pan. Ninety (90) mm is the optimal sample height distance but a +/- 10 mm variance is allowed.

Once you get this product height set, it should remain constant and not require changing unless the height of your product in the pan changes significantly.

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    Charles Chao

    How STHT color measurement not be affected if the object has variation in height? Or is there any information on "Acceptability to Variation in Depth of Measuring Field", e.g. [ ΔE<=0.2 within +/- 0.20 inches ] ?