How do I setup up External Triggering?



How to Use Measure Enable Input


  1. Ensure you have firmware that supports Measure Enable Input. (About Screen Firmware Version 1.4 and above.) Harness and M3AP board upgrade may be required for some older systems.
  2. Ensure the Digital I/O - J7.3 is configured for Input Signal. (Set at Factory)
  3. Ensure the STHT Setup Parameter has the External Trigger enabled.
  4. The Measure Enable Input signal is a +24 VDC signal which requires Normally Open dry contact relay or Normally Open switch contact. The signal is Low for normal STHT operation and High to stop the STHT from taking data.
  5. Connect a pair of wires between Terminals 4-5 (+24VDC) and Terminal 9 (Measure Enable Input) and your switch or relay. You may wire these devices in parallel.
  6. Start a RUN with the switch or relay in the OPEN position. To disable the measurements, close the switch/relay contacts. The measurements will stop.

Please Note: When the Read Mode is set to TIME, enabling and disabling the measure enable signal will function as a pause.

When Read Mode is set to PIECE, the enable and disabling will function as a start and end of each piece and the color measurement data will be collected and averaged during the enabled period and displayed when the signal is disabled.  The minimum ON and minimum OFF time is 300 ms each.

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