5 Key Benefits of D25 NC

  • Scanning and Sample Handler
    • Horizontal arm adjustment to set the adjustable diameter of the scan for various sample dish sizes
    • Turntable automatically starts, present the sample in uniform rotations, and then stops
    • Rapid 5 color measurements per second/ 25 measurements per rotation (19.75 sq. in.) sampling
    • No port plates, scan area determined by scan diameter and number of rotations
    • Scanning technology allows sensor to measure a variety of sample particle sizes, and sample volumes


  • Height Measurement and Depth of View
    • Vertical arm to adjust sensor to optimal height of 3.5 inches (90 mm)
    • Laser based height measurement 25 times/second
    • Height measurement determines color adjustment for a view depth of 1“optimal, 4” maximum
    • Allows for measurement of irregular shaped samples that would not fit against a traditional port plate
    • Do not require smooth, flat sample surface to produce repeatable measurements


  • Self-contained Operation
    • Small footprint, self-contained color workstation
    • Ruggedized metal construction and sealed optics for use in laboratory or near the product line
    • Embedded computer with internal Memory holds 250 Product standards, tolerances, and scanning parameters
    • Color display for visual tolerance warnings and alerts (yellow/red display)
    • Front Panel Touchpad for Standardization, color measurements, self-diagnostic tests, data output
    • USB port for connections to a PC (EasyMatch QC), keyboard, printer, or barcode scanner


  • Non-Contact Color Measurements
    • Sample surface is measured without physically touching
    • Non- destructive for delicate items or messy samples
    • No need to measure through a clear cover or bottom of sample pan
    • Measure Product Height variation of 2.5” to 5.5” (75 mm to 135 mm)
    • Easy wipe down cleanup with hand disassembly


  • LED Light Source
    • Long life, 5 year warranty light source
    • Bright, 2 full spectrum and 2 enhancement LEDs for excellent color measurement even on the darkest of samples
    • Low Energy consumption 24 Volt light source
    • No costly replacement flash lamps or high voltage power supplies required


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