EasyMatch QC Color Measurement Record versus Color Data Display


FAQ: "I also noticed that perhaps that configuration is related only to how the information is displayed and may not have any bearing on how the instrument measures it. How to measure is already settled when we select  the transmittance or reflectance mode etc.    Am I correct?"

You have the right concept. HunterLab instruments are basically visible spectrophotometers optimized for the efficient measurement of industrial color.

The core measurement or data record is a spectral reflectance or transmission measurement. This is dependent on the mode or optical path selected by the User, and includes both instrument configuration and standardization.

When the data record is saved to a Job or database, the information saved is the spectral reflectance/transmission, plus mode information defining the optical path of the instrument. This includes the selection of RSIN, RSEX, TTRAN, RTAN defining where you measure the sample; the area of sample view and port diameter; UV Filter position and the date/time stamp for measurement. If you select a standard or sample data record in the Job Tree on the left, Right Click/Properties, you can see the mode information displayed.

When you recall a record in a Job , this spectral data record is recalled to the various data and plot views. These views just take the core signature record and reconfigure the spectral data into color scale displays or plots as configured by the User.

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