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There are several types of sample cups available for measuring the reflectance of powders, granules, pellets, and semi-solids using HunterLab instruments. These types of cups are described below.
HunterLab Glass Cups
The best measurement performance is achieved when HunterLab fused-silica sample cups are used because they are custom manufactured to HunterLab's specifications. Each cup is optical quality glass and a two-piece construct that is first fused glass-to-glass then annealed. Solvents will not affect these cups, as the two components are fused together at the edges, not glued, and they can withstand a gradual increase in temperature up to 450°F (232°C), though beware that your instrument's port insert probably cannot! The dimensions, face quality, and flatness of the cups are monitored by HunterLab Quality Assurance. For critical measurements, these glass cups are recommended, since the sample will be viewed through the glass bottom of the cup.

HunterLab Catalog Numbers - 04-7209-00 and 04-7767-00

To purchase HunterLab sample cups and for current pricing information, contact:

Order Processing Department Hunter Associates Laboratory, Inc. Telephone:  (703) 471-6870 FAX:  (703) 471-4237. 

Disposable Cups
Disposable cups can be useful when measuring samples that are difficult to clean up or handle. HunterLab has examined several brands of polystyrene tissue culture dishes. These cups are made of clear polystyrene and have both bottoms and lids, so they can be used with instruments in both the port-up and the port-forward orientations. These cups are appropriate when the need for a disposable cup outweighs the compromise in performance. Just choose the appropriate diameter to completely cover the sample port and an appropriate height to make the sample effectively opaque.  Other brands are also acceptable as long as they are optically clear and completely cover the sample port. 

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