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Use of Windows 2000 and Windows XP is common these days and, in fact, HunterLab’s EasyMatch QC software runs exclusively on Windows 2000 and XP platforms, leaving Windows 95 and 98 in the past.

Windows 2000 and XP provide increased security and flexibility beyond earlier Windows versions, but they can also make installing and using your HunterLab software a little more complicated. The extensive administrative tools and user privilege options built into Windows must now be considered when setting up your computer to run EasyMatch QC.

How do I set up user accounts in EasyMatch QC?
First, let’s clarify your intention. If you would like your operators to log into EasyMatch QC so that you know who made what measurements and/or to restrict access to certain EasyMatch QC functions, such as deleting measurements or changing the language setting, you will want to set up user accounts using the EasyMatch QC User Manager, as described below.

If you wish to have your operators log into a certain computer or network only in order to limit their access to designated programs and folders, and are not concerned with limiting their access to EasyMatch QC functions, you need only establish Windows accounts and logins. Contact your company’s system administrator for help doing so.

Setting Up EasyMatch QC User Accounts
Note: In EasyMatch QC-ER, the log in feature is always on and Windows users and groups are also used for logging into EasyMatch QC-ER. Privileges to EasyMatch QC functions are set the same way as described below. Refer to your Validation and Compliance Notebook for details specific to EasyMatch QC-ER.
First, turn the log-in feature on by going to the Options menu and selecting Application Preferences and then the Start-up Defaults tab. Check Login Required.

(See attached pdf file for the complete article with Screenshots)

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