Temperature Compensation Using the SpectraProbe XE - an11_04


The temperature of a product can affect its color. Thermochromism, a change in product color resulting from a change in product temperature, affects many industries, particularly coil coating. By incorporating data from a temperature-sensing device installed at the process, color data obtained from the SpectraProbe XE can be automatically adjusted to compensate for changes due to temperature.
These corrected values can then be displayed and stored in EasyMatch OnLine software.

An infrared pyrometer is used to measure the product temperature. The pyrometer and its electronics are mounted inside the SpectraProbe XE sensor enclosure, in line with the z-axis. This means that the same sample area is viewed by both the pyrometer and the SpectraProbe XE. The RS-485 input from the pyrometer is transferred to EasyMatch OnLine as a process variable using dynamic data exchange

EasyMatch OL does the rest.  Data obtained using this product setup is then automatically corrected to the temperature setpoint selected.  The real-time process temperature, as well as the adjusted color data (indicated with “Adj.” in front of each parameter name), may be shown in the Color Data Table (if selected in the Color Data Table Configuration) and stored in both the database and the job file. 

(See attached pdf file for the complete article with detailed instructions and screen shots)

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