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The best instrument for your application and your facility will depend on a number of factors, such as the sample type and opacity and whether you have available lab space for an instrument. First, use the flow chart below to determine your basic options. Then, work with your technical sales representative to narrow down the choices as summarized on the next page.

With your technical sales representative, examine the instrument options you discovered in the flow chart.  The questions still to be addressed include: 

What is the measurable area of the sample? The instrument purchased must have a port size appropriate to the desired measurement area of the sample and/or sample handling devices must be available that allow repeatable measurements.

Will the instrument be used for formulation or quality control? In general, sphere instruments such as the ColorQuest XE, UltraScan PRO, or UltraScan VIS will be used for formulation.

Is a computer to be used for instrument control? The ColorFlex, ColorQuest OnLine, ColorQuest XE, ColorQuest XT, ColorTrend HT, D25s, LabScan XE, and MiniScan XE Plus may be purchased in configurations that don't require a personal computer.

Is UV control of the light source required? The ColorQuest XE, LabScan XE, SpectraProbe XE, UltraScan PRO, and UltraScan VIS have automated UV control options.

Is the ability to measure reflectance with the specular component included required? Only the ColorQuest XE, UltraScan PRO, and UltraScan VIS can switch between RSIN and RSEX measurements.

(See attached for the complete article with Flowchart diagram)

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