How can I enable login within EasyMatch QC to set User Privilege?


FAQ: "Our customer wants to establish feature privileges in EasyMatch QC software, such that operators cannot delete standards or samples. only recalibrate and measure. Can this be done?"

EasyMatch has a feature that allows customers to enable a login just for the EZMQC software package and allows customers to set privileges for different user groups to operate features of EZMQC software.

To enable login in the software go to Options/Application Preferences/Startup Defaults. In this window check the box next to Login Required. Click OK and then close and reopen the EZMQC software.

Startup Defaults tab in Application Preference window.

Upon reopening the EZMQC software you will be prompted to login. The default administrator User's Name is “admin” and the password is “hunterlab”. Once you have the EZMQC software open you will need to setup groups and users and privileges for these groups. You  can remove the default "admin" group or change the password for this group if you want to lock down this entry.

EasyMatch QC login screen.

To edit Users and Groups go to Options/System Configuration/User Manager. You will see the default admin User and EasyMatchAdmin Group. To create a new user right click on the Users folder on the left and select New User. You will need to enter a User Name, full name, and a password. In this example we will be creating a user called Operator. Click on Create after entering all information to create this user.

Adding a new User in the User Manager

New User added shown in User Manager

Now you will need to create a Group to put this user into. To create a new Group click on the Groups folder on the left then right click and select New Group. You will need to give the Group a name and a description of this group. You will then need to click on the Add button to add members to this Group. A new window will open showing you the Users you have available to add to this Group. Select the User and click Add to add them to the Group.

Adding a new Group from the User Manager

Now that you have created a Group and populated it with Users you can set privileges for the Group. To do this click on the Set Privileges button.  A window will open that shows every file and right click option. Go through all of these options and select/disable the options by placing an appropriate check to enable. A good starting point is to disable the delete option. Click OK to save these changes.  You will see a message that prompts you to close and reopen the EZMQC software. Click OK and then click the Create button to create your Group.

Setting privileges for Users added to the Group

Please restart the EZMQC software for the Access Privileges to take effect.

You will now need to close the User Manager and close the EZMQC software. When you reopen the EZMQC software you will find that the new settings have taken effect.

Group privileges can be set to display file menu item as active or grayed out.

In the case above, Edit privileges for "Cut" and "Delete" for the "Operators" group were left unchecked, resulting in the "Cut" and "Delete" features in the File Menu Edit display being grayed out and inactive. 

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