EasyMatch QC login does not stay on or persist


FAQ: "Here is my problem with EasyMatch QC login. The login box in Options/application Preferences/Startup is not checked and I cannot check it without the admin rights. When I check it & click ok it does not keep it. When opening it back up the box is not checked."

Let’s first distinguish between a Windows login and an EasyMatch QC login. A Windows login gives you privilege to access PC and network features. The EasyMatch QC login allows privilege to access only EZMQC features, basically, all items in the EZMQC menu bar.

When you start up your PC you typically log into Windows for PC/network access. When you start up EasyMatch QC and the login feature has been checked at Options/Application Preferences/Start Up, then you will be prompted to login to EasyMatch QC.

If you use either of the two logins + passwords listed below – admin (default and still there if it has not been removed by your company) or hunterlab (backdoor), you will have full EZMQQC Admin rights to operate all features and to define privilege levels within EasyMatch QC.

If you say you are checking the login box at Options/Application Preferences/Start Up and this setting is not being retained, then the Windows privileges are not set correctly to save this EZMQC setting so that it persists from use-to-use.

All users of EasyMatch QC software must have read/write/modify access to the PC location where user created and/or modified files are kept which is c:\hunterlab\easymatch qc (and all sub-folders).

Get your IT Department with Windows/System Admin privileges to implement this, and the EasyMatch QC login will persist from use-to-use.

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