How to export and import MiniScan EZ Setups


Why Export and Import Setups?

  1. The MiniScan EZ ships with a default set of product setups. However, clients usually modify the default setups by naming the setups or changing color scales, illuminants, observers; to match their own particular products. Once you get the setups customized the way you want them, it is a good practice to back them up to the flash disk as a backup. If someone should accidentally re-set the setups to the default set, you can import your backup customized setups back into the MiniScan EZ.
  2. If you have multiple MSEZ sensors that you want to have the same set of setups, you create them on the first MiniScan EZ, then export all setups to the flash disk. Then take the flash disk to each of the other MSEZ sensors in turn and import into each sensor. All sensors will not have the same set of customized default setups.

To export MiniScan EZ Setups, first acquire the following two parts that ship as standard with every new MSEZ sensor:

1. A21-1013-859 USB Adapter Cable, 150 mm long
2. A10-1013-423 USB 2.0 Flash Drive

If you do not have these two pieces, contact HunterLab.

Attach the USB adapter cable to the USB connector on the side of the instrument. Then, Attach the USB Flash Drive to the standard USB connector of the adapter cable.

At the MSEZ Main Menu, select Setup Maintenance/Print All Setups. This will write all MiniScan EZ product setups, including any read or manually entered standards to a file called MSEZXXXX.stp on the flash drive.

To re-import the setups into the same MiniScan EZ, attach the cable adapter and flash disk.

Go to the MSEZ Main Menu and select any item. Right Arrow (yes, right arrow - this is a hidden key) which will open the flash disk. Import All Setups to bring all setups in the MSEZXXXX.stp file into the MiniScan replacing whatever is there.




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